OutHounds in the NEWS!

This is a little trip into the "Way Back Machine" when OutHounds was exclusively Adventure Club, and we were just beginning to understand the potential for Adventure Learning's potential for training dogs.


Hello Adventurers!

Adventure Tadhg here!  Welcome to our brand new OutHounds Adventures website.  We are thrilled to bring you even more information on what Adventure Club is all about and get you guys out there on the trail (on the beach? on the sled? wherever Adventure takes us!)

I figured I’d throw some love right out of the gates to our friend Gazelle over at Fun107 for giving us a great shout out back in November.  Check out THIS article he wrote!  He and his OutHound have been blazing trails with us nearly every weekend and we know they’d be thrilled to see you out there.  

And of course…so would we!  Remember: Life’s and Adventure; JOIN THE CLUB!


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