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Dog Hikes

OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy is excited to announce the addition of Dog Hiking Adventures to our service offerings. Dog Hikes allows us to combine our long standing expertise in the Pet Care field with our knowledge of the trails and foundation in Positive Reinforcement dog training methods. We love when you can join the Adventure Club, but sometimes it is great to get your furry friend out on the trail when you can’t. Let us take the leash! does it work?

Dog Hiking: pack Adventures by OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy

Sounds great? Let's get started!

by OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy

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But what if the calendar is already made?

No Problem!

Check out the "Dog Hiking Calendar" for dates and locations. If there is space, your dog is welcome to join provided you either live in the designated service area for that Adventure OR you are able to provide transportation for BOTH pick up AND drop off!
dog hiking calendar


At this time, we will not be letting dogs off leash. The venues where will be visiting often do not allow off leash dogs, and we at OutHounds hold ourselves to the highest standards of natural preservation. We recognize that we are merely visitors to any preserve and want to minimally disrupt the natural ecosystem. Trust us, your dog will have plenty of mental and physical stimulation!

Yes! OutHounds will only take up to FOUR dogs per hiking guide. 

A Dog Hiking Adventure will only run with a minimum of TWO dogs per Adventure Guide.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Dog Hiking Adventure program, we are unable to issue refunds or reschedule your dog’s adventure. 

Absolutely not. Nor do we encourage the use of prong or choke collars. You will be advised to purchase an appropriate HARNESS for your dog in order to participate in our program. If you have any questions about this policy, please reach out. We encourage you to join our weekly Zoom Dog Training Orientation for a deeper anaylsis.

Fill out the contact form, and we will reach out to you discuss your dog’s history, etc. to determine their group hiking eligibility.

We can discuss options. One option may be our SOLO Adventure program. We will assign a single Adventure Guide to accompany your dog. Depending on your goals or your dog’s needs, they may enjoy the solitude of their own hike or if scheduling permits, join a parallel hike with another pack adventure. 

Due to space limitations, you would need to register both dogs for a space. There is a 10% discount for multi-dog households. 

Dog Hiking Adventure Calendar

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