OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy

Tamaskan Dog on a dog training hike in Dartmouth MA woods

Our mission at OutHounds is to promote the physical and mental wellness of dogs and their people.  

We are stewards of the environment and models of responsible dog-parenting.  Join us in building a strong and compassionate community thru human and dog cooperative adventure learning!  

With in home training, group classes, pack walks, and independent dog tutoring, there is an option to benefit every dog and family!

The benefits
of OutHounds

CPDT-KA Certified

Click the icon to learn more about the commitment our trainers make to rigorous testing and continued education.

Clinical Experience

Our lead trainer has experience working in a clinical environment with a veterinary behaviorist.


Our trainers have over a decade of experience, working with myriad behavior issues, everything from puppies to varying degrees of aggression.

Adventure Club

OutHounds is the founder of Adventure Club; a premier hiking group that benefits dogs and people alike. Let us guide you in safe and fun family activity.


OutHounds will always provide professional and reliable services and care. We can tackle problem behaviors like jumping and barking while always implementing FEAR FREE training methods.


OutHounds cares deeply for the environment and our community; we are always looking for ways to protect and serve both. We develop community partnerships with organizations like the DNRT and BBC.

OutHounds offers a variety of services for you & your dog!

In Home Training

One of our trainers will come to your home or meet you at a designated location and work with your family one-on-one to troubleshoot your animal training needs. We are able travel all over the Southcoast, South Shore, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island!

Private Lesson

Meet one of our certified dog trainers at one of two training facilities located in either Dartmouth, MA or Fairhaven, MA for an individualized lesson. We also offer private virtual private training lessons, open to learners in need of dog training worldwide!

Group Classes

Join us for group puppy training or dog training classes on a variety of topics at the Paws N’ Play Doggy Daycare in Dartmouth, MA!

Walk & Train

One of our dog trainers will come to your home and take your dog out one-on-one for independent, private tutoring! This service is primarily for our New Bedford, MA area customers.