OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy

Tamaskan Dog on a dog training hike in Wesport Massachusetts and Dartmouth MA woods

Our mission at OutHounds is to promote the physical and mental wellness of dogs and their people.  

We are stewards of the environment and models of responsible dog-parenting.Join us in building a strong and compassionate community thru human and dog cooperative adventure learning!  

Proudly based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, we service all of the Southcoast, Bristol (MA and RI), Plymouth, Barnstable Counties and beyond with in home coaching, behavior modification, group dog training classes, pack hiking walks, and independent dog tutoring. With our virtual training, remote learning, and a robust and growing online community, there is truly an option to benefit every dog and family.

The Benefits
of OutHounds

Cbcc-KA Certified

Click the icon to learn more about the commitment our trainers make to rigorous testing and continued education.

Clinical Experience

Our lead trainer is also a certified behavior consultant and has experience working in a clinical environment with a veterinary behaviorist.


Our trainers have over a decade of experience, working with myriad behavior issues, everything from puppies to varying degrees of aggression.

Adventure Club

OutHounds is the founder of Adventure Club; a premier hiking group that benefits dogs and people alike. Let us guide you in safe and fun family activity.


OutHounds will always provide professional and reliable services and care. We can tackle problem behaviors like jumping and barking while always implementing FEAR FREE training methods.


OutHounds cares deeply for the environment and our community; therefore we donate 1% of our sales to climate action. Click the icon to learn more. Furthermore, we foster community partnerships with land trusts like the DNRT and Buzzards Bay Coalition as well as our a Proud Partner with the international non-profit, Leave No Trace.

Training that is beyond basic obedience

Expect More...

OutHounds offers a variety of services for you & your dog!

Dog Training

OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy offers a variety of dog training and behavioral consultation options to help you and your companion on your learning adventure. Whether you have a new puppy in search of socialization and manners or an adult dog that has deep rooted problem behaviors, we have a variety of services: private-in-home, group classes; even online!

pet Care

From daily dog walking to vacation pet care, our staff are trained to provide premium care for you and your furry family. We take pride in our work and we will care for your pets with the same attention to detail as if they were our own. We love what we do! Please contact us to set up a meet and greet. Learn more on our OutCare page. 


Dog Hiking

A new and exciting division of our OutCare program, OutHounds Adventures is excited to announce the start of chartered dog hikes for your dog. A great daycare alternative; we run half day programs with two sessions per day. You can be assured your dog will get the exercise and socialization they crave. 


The newest addition to our gallery of services is our door-to-door dog bathing services: OutClean. Adventures are dirty, but they do not need to remain that way! Our OutClean Grooming Adventure is the perfect option for dogs that are not comfortable with the classic grooming experience. 

"The" Adventure Club

The cornerstone of OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy has always been our marquee Adventure Club. An opportunity to gather with friends, challenge ourselves, and put our Adventure Learning to the test. OutHounds Adventure Club is for everyone and remember: LIfe is an Adventure, Join the Club!

And More!

We encourage you to tour our site and see all that we have to offer you, your dog, and your whole familiy. We are excited to share in your adventure and hope we can help guide you where we can–and learn from you as well! We are working to grow a diverse and positive community where everyone feels safe to take challenging risks. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have or insights you wish to share. We look forward to hearing from you. 



Immediate Service Areas

  • New Bedford
  • Dartmouth     
  • Fall River
  • Westport
  • Fairhaven
  • Somerset
  • Freetown
  • Mattapoisett
  • Lakeville
  • Swansea


Will Travel (charges will apply)

  • Marion
  • Rochester
  • Swansea
  • Rehoboth
  • Dighton
  • Taunton
  • Attleboro
  • Seekonk
  • Barrington
  • Warren
  • Providence
  • Wareham
  • Carver
  • Plymouth
  • Braintree
  • Cape Cod
  • Boston


Online Virtual Dog Training Available world wide!

Immediate Service Areas for Adventures and General Pet care:

  • New Bedford     
  • South Dartmouth
  • Fairhaven


Adventure Availability (Limited Availability for General Pet Care – Travel charges will apply) :

  • North Dartmouth 
  • Acushnet
  • Fall River
  • Westport
  • Marion
  • Mattapoisett

Community Partnerships

At OutHounds, we value building strong community partnerships. We truly cherish the connections we make and the amazing people, doing amazing things! Please reach out to us if you have a collaboration idea.