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Hi everyone, I’m Charlie!! My dad’s at work so I grabbed his laptop so I could write a few words about my experience’s with OutHounds Adventure Club. I need to work fast because I feel like he’ll be home any time now.

OutHounds Adventure Club has done so much for me. I get to go out and sniff all over the place. I’ve met new buddies and we walk a lot in the woods! I mean, not in the backyard or in the neighborhood but THE WOODS! I love it when we go places that have big rocks to climb. Sometimes my dad tells me to slow down because he’s slower than me.

The great thing is I get to spend time alone with Dad. I really like it when Mom comes too but me and Dad have an AWESOME time together. I think it’s done him some good to do this with me after a long week of what he calls “work”! More importantly, we just spend time together. I miss him and Mom during the week.

All the humans and my buddies are great! I get so excited sometimes that all I can do is roll around on the ground and scratch my back. My best buddies, Pod, Merlin and now hopefully Zip love to be out here. If I didn’t get a change to do this, I probably wouldn’t have such good friends. Now to work on my friendship with Crème. We must put our past behind us and move on.

There I go getting off track again. I am a dog, so I’m easily distracted. SQUIRREL!!! Just kidding. But I did hear a car pull up, so I better get going and be a good dog. Come out and see me and my buddies!!!!


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