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Tamaskan Dog on a dog training hike in Wesport Massachusetts and Dartmouth MA woods

We've come up with some great options for you and your furry friend!

The OutHounds Adventure Way is based on taking acceptable “R.I.S.K.” that will help you and your dog GROW!

In Home Training

$ 135* PER session

You and your dog team up to work with one of our trainers on any number of learning goals or behavioral issues in the comfort of your home and tailored to your schedule. To get started, click HERE!

Private Lesson

$ 115 PER session at Training Center

Check out our calendar to book time for you and your dog to work with one of our trainers for an individual lesson in one of our training locations!

4 Pack

$ 500 PER bundle of 4
Save $40!

Purchase a bundle of 4 in-home training sessions and save!

6 Pack

$ 710 PER bundle of 6
save $100!

Save even more by purchasing a Bundle of 6 in-home training sessions with one of our trainers. We can work with you on individual goals or work with you through our standardized Polite Adventure Pup training Package.

6 pack plus Class

$ 840 INCLUDES SIX Classes!
Save $150!

This package includes BOTH 6 in home training sessions as well as 6 class sessions! You and your dog get all the benefits of both group classes AND independent instruction.

Drop-In Class

$ 30 PER class session

Check out our CLASS page for topics and our CALENDAR to sign up you and your dog to experience one of open enrollment training class options!  Classes available weekly so that you can keep your dog’s skills consistently sharp!

Class Bundle

$ 165 bundle of 6 classes
Save $15!

Buy Bundles of 6 sessions and save! Completing six consecutive sessions with your pup will earn you both a CERTIFICATE of completion that you can take to your town or insurance and will show that you have made a training commitment to your dog!

Adventure Topics

$ 120 PER 4 week Sessions

Check out our various linear Topics classes that will range from leash skills and come when called to Joring and scenting! We are always looking for new ways to challenge you and your dog!

Virtual Training

$ 20-100 Session

Work with one of trainers over Zoom in either a group class, seminar, or private lesson format. Check the calendar and contact us today for options!

Day Training

$ 35 PER 30 minute Session

One of our trainers will come to your home to work with your dog one-to-one on your preferred training goals, such as loose leash walking, reactivity, recall, and more!  No need to be present – we do all the heavy-lifting and pass the reins off to you as your dog progresses!

OutCare - Pet Care

$ 19-150 per Request

OutHounds Adventure & Training Academy offers pet care options for dog walking and pet sitting. We are currently FULL for daily walking and have limited availability for drop in pet care services and all inclusive, in your home, overnight pet sitting services. If you would like more information and to put your name on a wait list, please follow the link to the OutCare page for more details and contact information.

OutCare - Full day Training

$ 200 PER day

Going away and need comprehensive pet care, house sitting, AND dog training? This exclusive service may be for you. Please follow the link to the OutCare page for my contact information.

Pack Adventure

$ 50 Minimum 1 1/2 Hour

Your dog will have the opportunity to join our staff and other dogs on a variety of different adventures! We provide the transportation and the fun – you provide your dog ready for an exciting outing! Check our calendar and sign up for one of our Adventure Sessions!

Individual Adventure

$ 75 Minimum 1 1/2 Hour

If your dog is not ready to handle a group setting, they can still participate in a private adventure with one of our guides! We will assign a one-to-one guide to work directly with your OutHound for a minimum one and a half hour adventure! Check our calendar and sign up for one of our Adventure Sessions!

Training adventures

$ 25-50 per Adventure

We offer a variety of goal-oriented Adventures led by our experienced guides where you and your dog can work together to master specific skills out in the world. Check out our calendar for more information!

Adventure Club!

$ 0-150 PER Adventure

Check out the Adventure Club to see the various options waiting for you!


Call or text 774-473-9089 or email outhounds@gmail.com