OutHounds in the News….Again

Photo Credit to Morgan Beard from the Dartmouth Weekly.

Adventure Club was pleasantly surprised last weekend on our joint hike with the Dartmouth Natural Resource Trust: we had a surprise visit from Morgan Beard–a journalist with the Dartmouth Weekly!

Morgan (who I will give the newly earned moniker, Adventure Morgan!) came along for the entire soggy, muddy, and FUN! Adventure through the Ridge Hill Reserve in North Dartmouth. We chatted about dog training, our Adventure Learning philosophy, and allowing our puppies to take acceptable risks.  Adventure Morgan got to see first hand our dogs facing adversity and working together in the group to overcome it. It was truly wonderful to see everyone come together to help each other out! 

Thank you, Morgan, from all of us at OutHounds for taking the time to learn about what we are doing out here. And we really hope to see you (and YOUR furry friend!) soon. 

And of course, if you want to read the full article…please check it out here! 


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